Powered Fibre Ethernet Extension

CommScope’s powered fibre cable system gives network operators the best of fibre and copper in a single, rugged cable. By combining single-mode or multi-mode fibres with stranded conductors, our hybrid cables deliver reliable fibre optic signals to and from devices along with low voltage DC which simultaneously powers them. In addition to being practical, it is also easy to deploy. We’ve merged flexible stranded copper with our high-performance, bend-tolerant fibre to make our cabling pliable and effortless to pull. The powered fibre cable system also features an “easy peel” cable design that allows for quick deployment without requiring special tools to install. Despite being two cables in one, the powered fibre cable system is a compact, slim cable that fits in standard electrical conduit.
As part of a low voltage SELV/NEC Class II circuit, the powered fibre cable system is simple to install. Network installers don’t need complicated electrical designs requiring calculation of voltage/power drop over varying distances. They can also save on high labour rates typically accrued for licensed electricians when deploying dangerous alternating current (AC) power lines. The powered fibre cable system allows network installers to save on material costs for separate fibre and electrical cables as well as cutting conduit costs in half by eliminating the need for dedicated conduits for AC electrical cables in order to conform to code. The system can therefore be installed anywhere Category cables are installed.

Powered Fibre Overview