Railway XC Cross Connection Cabinet

The cabinet is designed as a flexible housing to suit both current and future needs. It accommodates this flexibility by providing for alternative pre-configured and interchangeable mountings to suit requirements. Other configurations are also easily accommodated depending upon requirements.


  • Cross Connect 208pairs with 104 Pairs per side (Using 3M MX Connectors)
  • IDC Cross Connect 1500 Pairs (Using Krone 237a LSA-Plus Connectors)
  • Enclosure Size (WDH) 580x500x1805mm
  • Up to 28/29 U-spaces available
  • Tested to BS EN 60529 IP55
  • Enclosure Weight: 120kg Empty
  • Finish Grey BS4800:00A05
  • Pitched ‘Pent Roof’
  • Door hold back bar to minimum of 110degrees
  • 3 point locking with extra hole cut-out for customer specified locking mechanism
  • Document holders provided
  • Earth post in base of enclosure
  • Protected cable entry and exit through base
  • A pre-cut sealing gasket to suit the base footprint is supplied.

XCNR1 Cross-Connection Cabinet Datasheet