Pre-Terminated Hydra Assembly

The Hydra Assembly is designed for the pre-connectorisation of 4/8/12 fibre, Network Rail accepted drop cables.

The drop cables allow for flexibility and cost-effective planning when connecting to edge equipment. By providing the drop cables pre-connectorised, the resulting Hydra Assemblies allow for ‘plug and play’  connectivity in the field.

The datasheet below contains all of the specification data and an ordering guide to ensure the hydra assemblies are kitted to your exact requirements.


Fibre Count 4,8, or 12
Fibre Type G657 A1+
Cable Sizes 10mm
IP Rating of Manifold IP54
Operating Temperatures -20°c to +70°c
Manifold Body Material Polyamide and Acetyl
Crimp Material Stainless Steel
Cable Retention >100N
Tube Retention >90N
Crush Resistance >300N/cm
Length <20m supplied in cardboard box

>20m supplied on deployable reel

Hydra Assembly Datasheet

06710 – Full Certificate – Ruggedised Optical Fibre Tail Cable and Pre-terminated Breakout – Issue 2