Powered Fibre Cabling System – 1 port

Passcomm is proud to introduce Commscope’s Powered Fibre Cabling System to the UK.

By utilising a PoE Extender and copper and fibre Hybrid Cabling, PoE distance capability is increased by up to 30x. This allows you to power and communicate with IP CCTV cameras, IP telephones, wireless access points, or any connected device up to 3km away.

When challenged with remote locations, the Powered Fibre Cabling System is a cost-effective way to power and communicate with the device in locations previously out of reach with conventional PoE.

An added benefit is that because the cable is carrying low voltage DC it does not need to be installed by a qualified electrician.

Check out the Commscope Powered Fibre calculator to see how Powered Fibre can help you.

Take a look at the Datasheet for more details.

To arrange a demonstration of the system, please contact Passcomm Sales on 01925 821333.