Powered Fibre Cabling System – 2 Port 60 watt

CommScope has recently announced the introduction of a higher power version of the innovative powered fibre extender.

The Powered Fibre Cable System family is expanding. A 60 Watt, Single port PoE (Power over Ethernet) Extender is now available. The 60W Single Port device exceeds the power levels in the IEEE 802.3at standard to deliver up to 60W of power. This is sometimes referred to as “High PoE” by device manufacturers. Applications include HD PTZ security cameras with heater block elements, and other devices that require greater power than the PoE standard allows.
This new unit incorporates all the great features of the current single and dual port PoE Extenders including:
• Multiple stages of electrical protection, meeting ITU K.45 electrical surge standards to help protect against lightening, EMI, over-voltage conditions, and other electrical events
• IP67 environmental protection and termination of the Powered Fibre hybrid fibre/copper cable.
• Automatic voltage correction using our patented DC/DC conversion circuitry = zero electrical calculations needed.
• NEC Class II and SELV compliance for no electricians needed installation.
• Integrated ruggedised 10/100/1000Mb/s media conversion
• Paintable sunshade for improved aesthetics in urban environments
• Supports one 60W PoE device placed up to 650 meter (2,133 feet) distance, while providing an additional 100 meters of category cable connection distance between the Extender and network device, for a total of 750 meter distance.