Box On Post


  • Enclosure Size (WDH) 454x170x812mm
  • IP55 rated
  • Post length of 790mm.
  • Material Chrome Steel (3CR12)
  • Enclosure Weight: 25kg
  • Post Weight: 15kg
  • Finish Grey BS4800:00A07
  • Angled back roof
  • Door hold back bar to 120°
  • 3 Lock positions, 2 pre-installed with Triangular locks, and a third for customer specified locking mechanism.
  • Document holder provided.
  • Earth post in base of enclosure.
  • Gland plate pre-drilled to suit up to 30 pair cable and 10 cable spurs.
  • Protected cable entry and exit through easily removable covered base.
  • The enclosure can be easily removed from the post for ease of transit.
  • A pre-cut sealing gasket to suit the post footprint is supplied, providing an external seal for the base.
  • Base mounting holes to suit Line side Base CAB-BASE-LSTP

The Passcomm BOP is a high quality, lightweight exterior Box On Post specially designed for trackside telecomm and signaling use. Both the BOP enclosure and post are manufactured from corrosion resistant stainless steel of all welded construction. The use of high chromium, corrosion resistant steels throughout the construction, provides operational life expectancy in excess of 20 years with limited maintenance. The finish is polyester powder coated colour BS4800:00A07 and is provided for decorative purposes. The BOP enclosure offers three DIN rail vertical mountings, each of which provides a maximum capacity of up to 30 3M MX connectors. Each DIN rail vertical mounting is provided with a label holder for identification purposes. Wire management is maintained by the use of both betaduct trunking and evenly spaced jumper rings. All enclosure metal parts are bonded. The enclosure door offers 3 point locking, and has a full door length stainless steel piano hinge for added security. The door also opens to 180° for easy access. The roof is angled back, which aids in the prevention of water dripping into the enclosure whilst the door is open. The base blanking plate is pre-drilled with three main cable ports and 10 spur cable ports. Passcomm BOP datasheet Issue 005

Passcomm Base Datasheet