Indoor Fibre Distribution Box for Connectorised Applications

IFDB enclosures or floor boxes are points at which to break out fibres from an indoor riser cable into individual drops to the living units of an MDU. These drops provide a fibre optic connection to the living units.

The IFDB enclosures allow fibres from certain riser cables to be broken out without interrupting the strength member by making a small window cut, providing easy handling and fast installation.

IFDBs for Connectorised Applications offer fast deployment and easy customer connection. The larger IFDB-M floor box offers a clear ‘homes passed’ deployment. The new fiber management system is especially designed for easy fiber routing and storage. Once all splices are made, connections can be managed by less specialized installation crews. During the ‘homes connected’ roll-out, the customer can easily be connected by patching connectors to the floor box. The patch panel offers
operators ultimate flexibility.

IFDB enclosures are available for every application: spliced, connectorised and plug-and-play.