Heatshrink Cable Glands

CommScope Heat-Shrinkable Cable-Entry Seals (CES) provide a watertight, fume-tight seal where cables enter connection boxes, bulkheads, or other enclosures.

CESs are available in two basic types: standard and threaded. The standard CES for thin-wall enclosures consists of a three-part assembly — a rigid plastic nylon nut, an O-ring, and a heat-shrinkable moulded area. The CES for threaded hole applications is a one part assembly that combines a tapered thread in rigid plastic nylon with a heat-shrinkable moulded area.

Ordering info for the standard CES gland.

Part No Min expanded ID mm Max recovered ID mm Hole Size
ACC-HG-CES-1 12.7 4.5 25
ACC-HG-CES-2 19 6.3 25
ACC-HG-CES-3 28 12.7 35
ACC-HG-CES-4 41 19 50
ACC-HG-CES-5 70 36 89

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