FIST is a Fiber Infrastructure System Technology. FIST-SODF2 is a metal rack designed to serve as small optical distribution frame in an exchange, head end or customer premises environment. The small ODF accommodates FIST modules that provide the functions of
splicing and patching.


  • Slim footprint: 300 mm wide, 300 mm deep
  • Modular concept: basic rack that accepts up to 4 modules for the splicing and patching function
  • Up to 144 fibers can be terminated to push-pull connectors having splices organized in a single circuit way. The capacity is limited to 96 terminations for other connector types
  • Cable attachment provision and patchcord management system included in the rack
  • Cable entrance and patchcord outlet possible both in the top or both in the bottom of the rack
  • Bend control on all fiber routing
  • Transparent acrylic door

Dimensions and Rack Capacity

FIST small optical distribution frame Chart

Ordering Information


FIST small optical distribution frame Diagram


FIST small optical distribution frame Diagram 2