Fibre Cable Preparation Kit

This kit contains the necessary tools to enable most optical fibre telecoms cables to be prepared for jointing and terminating.

Kit Contents:

  • Canvas Tool Bag
  • Longitudinal Cable Stripper
  • Junior Hacksaw (150mm)
  • Circumferential Cutter
  • Industrial Cleaning Cloths (150 per box)
  • Adjustable Wrench (250mm – 30mm)
  • Fibre Strippers
  • Knipex 125mm Side Cutters (Flush)
  • Rotary Fibre Tube Cutter
  • Central Strength Member Cutter
  • Lockable Solvent Dispenser
  • 250ml Sharps Bin
  • Tape Measure
  • Tool Carrier

*For Copper Cable Prep Kit

Part Number: KIT-CPK-F-01