Diamond DiaReach enables remote gigabit broadband connections


An independent provider of broadband services had identified a cluster of business customers who required the latest broadband connectivity. However, the distance from the nearest exchange to the industrial estate on which they were located was too far away to be connected using conventional fibre optic connectivity. Utilising the latest DiaReach solution these businesses have been successfully connected and are enjoying affordable, ultra-fast and ultra-reliable broadband services.

Fibre optic GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) technology provides an ideal balance of affordability and performance to deliver broadband services. Due to the operating wavelengths used by GPON equipment, once the optical power budget has been exceeded due to the length of fibre optic cable, number of optical connectors and equipment degradation over time, the optical signal cannot be affordably amplified or re-generated. These factors ultimately limit the distance which can be reached between the exchange and the end customer.

The GPON network was to be configured using a 64-way split and three connector pairs. Two pairs were to be located at the exchange for the input and output connections to the fibre optic splitter and one pair at the wall outlet in the customer premises. Based on the use of the highest power C+ interfaces, a 30.5dB EoL (End of Life) power budget was available from the active equipment. Using low loss fibre optic cable, splitter and SC/APC connectors the maximum distance that could be reached was 23km. Unfortunately, this was 5km too short for the industrial estate to be reached.

Following extended laboratory trials, it was decided to utilise the latest “loss less” fibre optic connectivity from Diamond which uses actively aligned Titanium technology as part of the DiaReach solution. To ensure an efficient operational model, the SC/APC style of interface was retained by using the Diamond Titanium ULL (Ultra Low Loss) SC/APC connectors and adapters. The result was an increase in range of 2.3km per connector pair, translating to an increased reach of 6.9km. The initial “problem” industrial estate was comfortably connected with an additional three industrial estates now also within reach, 30km from the PoP.

The DiaReach solution includes all industry standard connector styles and can be used in environmentally uncontrolled applications which are exposed to wide temperature fluctuations, significant shock/ vibration and at risk of contamination through the use of shuttered connector types such as E-2000 and F-3000.