CommScope FIST-SCO2-BE6 & 10

This slim metal closure is specially designed to fit in small sewage canal systems, and is therefore resistant to very aggressive environments. The FIST-SCO2 has the following functionality and features:

  • * Single ended design
  • * Base and dome are made in AISI 316L stainless steel and are sealed with an O-ring under controlled compression.
  • * Base and dome contain fixation holes to mount the closure against the wall.
  • * 6 or 10 round entry/exit ports for drop cables and 1 oval port for looped (uncut) cable
  • * Heat-shrinkable cable seals
  • * The base has an earthing provision and a ‘flash test’ valve.
  • * The UMS (Universal Mounting System) profiles provide the foundation for mounting combinations of  SOSA2 (Splicing Only Sub-Assembly) and/or SASA2 (Splitter Array Sub-Assembly) modules, which consist of a modular groove-plate and trays.
  • * The FIST MK2 organiser system allows fibre management in a single circuit or single element way.
  • * Uncut fibres can be stored as single circuits in SC trays or as loose buffer tubes at the back side of the UMS profile.
Splicing Capacity (in # fibres) Fibres Trays
Single Circuit, primary coated 96 48
Single Element, primary coated (8 fibres/tray) 192 24
Single Element, primary coated (12 fibres/tray) 288 24