Cold applied shrink tube and end caps

3M cold applied shrink tube for environments where heat shrink tubing is not an option, hazardous areas and Mass Transit installations where use of a flame and the granting of fire certificates is prohibitive.

Cable Range Part Number
Length mm
14mm – 8mm ACC-CSE-14/8-152 152
21mm – 10mm ACC-CSE-21/10-203 203
25mm – 13mm ACC-CSE-25/13-279 279
33mm – 18mm ACC-CSE-33/18-152 152
33mm – 18mm ACC-CSE-33/18-305 305
33mm – 18mm ACC-CSE-33/18-406 406


The 3M Cold Shrink EC-Series End Caps environmentally seal and mechanically protect exposed cable ends using no tools, mastics or tapes. The 3M Cold Shrink EC-Series End Caps install quickly and cleanly without flame or grease. Cold Shrink end caps are factory expanded on removable inner-supporting plastic cores. Once the end cap is positioned for installation around the end of a cable, the supporting core is unwound and removed. With the core removed, the live-memory action of the specially formulated material shrinks the end cap into position. The constant radial pressure of the Cold Shrink material ensures a durable environmental seal. The Cold Shrink material resists abrasion, fungus, acids and alkalis, and retains its resiliency for years. Freezing or overheating due to ambient temperatures encountered during shipping or storage does not impair the end caps.

Cable Range Part Number
20.9mm – 11.6mm ACC-ECCS-21/12
30.1mm – 15.9mm ACC-ECCS-30/16
49.2mm – 26.0mm ACC-ECCS-49/26
84.3mm – 45.5mm ACC-ECCS-84/46