BUDI Connectorised with FIST

What is BUDI?

BUDI is a product range of compact, wall mountable fibre enclosures for indoor and outdoor use. They are specifically designed for fast deployment and easy customer connection. The FIST management system is a proven CommScope technology for optimal fiber organization and splicing.

In combination with a patch panel, this system offers ultimate flexibility. Available with splicing and/or patching capabilities, high connector density, small and larger footprints, the BUDI product range offers flexible solutions for a wide range of applications in the access network.


  • Easy to install
  • Compact and flexible design
  • Fast customer connection
  • Extensive product range
  • Proven FIST fibre management system


  • Designed to operate in category C (controlled), category G (outdoor ground level) and category A (aerial) as characterized by IEC 61753-1
  • Fire retardant, LSZH materials
  • UV stable material for outdoor above ground use
  • Multiple cable ports available
  • Bottom cable seal blocks are wraparound
  • UMS (Universal Mounting System) available to mount single element/single circuit trays splice trays
  • Compatible with pre-connectorized Mini-Breakout cable
  • Allows integration of passive optical components
  • Small and large footprints
  • Multiple accessories available to terminate and seal different cable types
  • Removable enclosure lid
  • Quareo Scan Assist compatible
BUDI Connectorized Chart


BUDI Connectorized Diagram

Ordering Information

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BUDI Connectorized Ordering Information Pre-configured Box
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BUDI Connectorized Diagram 2.1

Accessory required for BUDI-M-TA

BUDI Connectorized Accessory

Building Distribution Enclosure for Connectorized Applications

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BUDI Connectorized Applications