501 Series Connection boxes

Available in three capacities, 100, 200 and 400 pair the four cabinet 501 range meets the requirements for local distribution where deterrence to interference is required.

Each is equipped with stainless steel backmount frame verticals to support 237A IDC strips giving a normal capacity of 100, 200 or 400 pairs depending on the model.

The door opens through a full 180┬░ for ease of access. It can be removed entirely using quick release hinges and is easily reversed for left-right opening applications. The door is fully lockable.

A two piece cover plate fitted top and bottom of each cabinet allows a range of options for cable access to suit requirements, from total removal by discarding both pieces, to restricted access by refitting one.

Cable management facilities comprise of clamping points behind the cover plates and fitted jumper rings.

Lightning protection is fully supported. The backmount frames are connected permanently to a 5 way earth.

 Description Part Number
501 box with backmount frame, 100pr capacity (without 237A modules) CM-WB100-501
502H box with backmount frame, 200pr capacity (without 237A modules) CM-WB200-502H
502 box with backmount frame, 200pr capacity (without 237A modules) CM-WB200-502
504 box with backmount frame, 400pr capacity (without 237A modules) CM-WB400-504

501 Wall Boxes Datasheet