Anti-Vandal Telephone Cabinet


  • Enclosure Size (WxDxH) 310x230x450mm
  • Material Chrome Steel
  • Finish Grey BS4800:00A07
  • Angled back roof
  • Accepts BR No.1 door lock
  • IP54 rating

The anti-vandal telephone cabinet is designed for housing emergency telephone units in exposed locations, offering a high degree of weather protection and resistance to vandalism. The cabinet is suitable for installation on wall, pole or post and can accept a variety of emergency phone types.


The anti-vandal telephone cabinet is manufactured from welded chrome steel with reinforcements in key areas.

Size and Exterior Appearance

External dimensions (WxDxH) 310x230x450mm nominal.
Unit has a flush fit door with cabinet sides; base and roof extended to provide weather protection and improved resistance to vandal attack.
The hinged door is secured by the standard British Rail No. 1 corridor door lock.
The door is fitted with a spring assisted self-closing feature and a permanently fixed handle.
Door lock keyhole is fitted with a steel shroud to assist location in darkness.
The Roof section has a rear-facing incline for forced water run off.
Overall weather protection to IP54.


The cabinet is fitted with a standard removable mounting plate capable of supporting a variety of telephone units. The mounting plate leans backwards to ensure that the telephone is firmly located when not in use.


The cabinet was designed to withstand a vandal attack to LPS1175 category B.
There are no externally visible fastenings.
Welded steel brackets reinforce the door and cabinet hinged face.
Flush door provides protection from leverage.


The cabinet is designed to b e installable in most locations.
The cabinet base is drilled to accept either the Box on Post (BOP) cable managed post CAB-BOP-POST-AT02-5 PADS No.087/007529 or standard lineside post CAB-POST-FP104.
Fixing points provided on the rear of the cabinet to accept wall or pole mounting brackets.

Maintenance and Repair

The structure of the cabinet has been manufactured from corrosion resistant high chrome steel, and as such requires no special consideration in most circumstances to give a long life.
Cabinets may be washed down using mild detergents or alcohol solvents to remove graffiti.
Severe graffiti and minor damage can be touched up using a two pack polyurethane paint such as Trimite AE245.
Replacement parts, such as locks and fixings are commercially available and can normally be replaced with minimal skills and tooling.

Passcomm Anti-Vandal Telephone Cabinet datasheet Issue 001