FIST-GMS2 Mixed Splice/Patch Shelf

The FIST-GMS2 features the FIST fiber management system and is a multi-purpose mechanical shelf assembly used to store splices of external/indoor cable to pigtails. These shelves combine splice, storage and patching functions. The shelf accommodates a patch panel containing 24 standard or 48 small-form factor connections.


FIST Mixed Splice-Patch Shelf Images
  • Installs in ETSI (FIST-GR3) or 19-inch racks
  • Accessories available for termination of most common cable types
  • UMS (Universal Mounting System) profiles provide foundation for mounting combinations of SOSA2 (Splice Only Sub-Assembly) and/or SASA3/FSASA (Splitter Array Sub Assembly) modules which consist
    of modular groove plate and trays
  • 24-position panel
    • Supports a mix of connector/adapters (up to 24 SC or 48 LC) and termination units for aramid yarn (up to 96 fibers)
    • Termination units provide necessary strain relief when terminating common pigtail types
  • Factory-installed fiber guiding tubes and bend controls allow easy, controlled access to fibers and splices

Dimensions and Capacities

FIST Mixed Splice-Patch Shelf Table

Ordering Information

Standard kit content (for single fiber loose tube cable)

  • 19-inch shelf assembly with UMS profile
  • Mounting brackets (ETSI and 19-inch)
  • Patch panel (24 standard or 48 small-form-factor connections)
    • With connectors/adapters: 24 standard or 48 small-form-factor connections
    • With termination units for aramid yarn: 96 splices
  • Pre-installed short fiber arrangement system block with 1 tube holder and cover for controlled fiber routing
  • (16) 3.1mm Ø tubes for single fiber loose tube
  • One trumpet for guiding pigtails as they exit shelf
  • Identification labels, cards and holders
  • Pre-installed hook and loop fastener
  • Pre-installed shelf cover
  • Double flex clip and tie wraps to fix flex tube guiding loose tubes from cable attachment point in rack towards shelf (flex tube ordered separately)
  • Tray lid and fiber guiding pin
  • Mounting screws and nuts
  • Installation instruction
FIST Mixed Splice-Patch Shelf Diagram


FIST Mixed Splice-Patch Shelf Diagram 2

Additional accessories to be ordered separately (see Accessories ordering guide)

  • FIST-SOSA2 trays
  • Fusion splice protectors (according to the type of splice tray chosen)
  • Pigtails, patch cords (OCI, OCJ)
  • Adapters (OC-ADK)