3M MX-2000 Disconnection Module

3M™ Dropwire Connectors MX-2000 are in use worldwide to build and upgrade
networks with fully watertight connection technology. The highest fault
rates occur in overhead networks, so it’s vital to use a high reliability technology such as the MX-2000 connectors.

MX-2000 connectors are designed to operate reliably even under the harshest
environmental conditions. The user-friendly design virtually prevents incorrect

This product is suitable for distribution, protection and customer termination
in overhead lines. This new generation design fits all existing networks and can
accommodate a wide range of dropwire sizes.

No special tools are required to perform IDC terminations; a simple clockwise
rotation of a screwdriver completes the dropwire termination. Both sides of this
connector can be re-terminated multiple times with different conductor sizes.
A central disconnection area offers test ports on either side for multi-pair testing
as well as disconnection and overvoltage protection.

01735 – Full Certificate – Externally Rated MX-2000 Twisted Pair Copper Cable Termination Module – Issue 2

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Close-Up Installation


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