250 Series Connection boxes

The 250 Series Connection Box is a versatile plastic box designed to contain various backmount frames and mountings for ancillary components.

The base has generous provision for fixing of cable tie anchors, jumper rings, earth posts and connector mountings

The cover gives an internal clearance of 70mm and is supplied with an 11mm deep BMF. The cover is secured by large head quick release screws and has removable side and end panels. All panels have breakout sections for cable entry.

The 250 Series box can be used singly or in multiple configurations when the bases are fitted together and the appropriate side or end panels removed.

 Description Part Number
BoxConn 250 with 5 way backmount frame, 4 x jumper rings, earth post (w/o 237A modules) CM-WB50-251
As above but including 5 x Krone 237A modules CM-WB50-251/5

250 Series BoxConn Datasheet